A redbreast named Piumetta

Cecco the woodcutter chose to live a wonderfully free life, in the woods, with his family; 

He lives in perfect harmony with the forces of nature that interact and manifest themselves in particular moments of need and of which the Redbreast Piumetta seems to be the messenger. But the relationship between Piumetta and Annetta, the Cecco’s daughter, is so strong as to stimulate, when Annette becomes ill, the intelligence of the little friend, so much that Piumetta does something truly amazing.

Fable for everyone, in collaboration with LIPU

With drawings of the cartoonist Gianni Chiostri

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Disponibile su Amazon  in formato cartaceo ed in formato eBook

Per informazioni: lucia@tredicifavole.it



Piumetta Pettirosso coraggioso a Chi Vuol Essere Milionario!!!!